A few years back (well, more than a few) I did an online music tech review – The ScotsMan Review.  It was for beginners – newbies in the parlance – so I wouldn’t keep posting the same solutions at Cakewalk and other forums.  My idea was to be able to just to point them instead of endlessly repeating myself.. .

When I started getting published in actual hard copy magazines, I kinda lost interest in the site, as well as motivation.  But since everything I've written hasn't been published, I thought I’d restart the ScotsMan for these orphans. But two things have changed.  First, I'm doing higher end gear - entry "pro" level hardware as well as software.  And for domian name purposes I also changed the name to ScotMan Review instead of the ScotsMan.  That way I got a direct  .com name and didn't have to make it a subdirectory of the BNoir-Film site.  I should keep up with this site more frequently than the old ScotMan.  For the inaugural reviews, I’m doing the Focusrite ISA One preamp as well as the TC Konnekt 48.  This hardware may be older, but is still functional, and both are now bang for buck items.